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PrePay Solutions’ retail division has an unrivalled record for establishing many firsts in the European market, including the Debenhams gift card and the instantly issued Chip and PIN prepaid currency cards for TUI. We have also helped retailers to leverage the popularity of their gift card programmes with their loyalty programmes, such as the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward card in the UK, which expanded to become the Debenhams Reward card in ROI.

In addition, we have processed and issued the first retailer-distributed ‘open loop’ gift card and are currently working with industry leaders to put MasterCard® gift cards within reach of every high street. PrePay Solutions also has great experience in migrations, with several major retail brands migrating to our platform over the last few years. Along with these strengths, we also have proven expertise in helping our clients to expand their programme by adding a European dimension.

Our goal is to always support our clients’ ambitions to exceed their expectations, which is why we have been proposing digital alternatives to retailers for their gift, promotional or loyalty offering, whether they are B2C (Business to Consumer) schemes or B2B (Business to Business) programmes that include staff and customer rewards.  We are consistently investing in the digital medium to enable our retail clients to integrate with the leading digital providers and ensure continued growth.


PrePay Solutions was one of the first companies to combine the mobile and prepaid experience by developing the UK’s first pay by SMS programme, Splash Plastic.  PrePay Solutions’ approach was to imagine the best possible customer experience, which is buying a prepaid card instantly, without a debit or credit card, and then successfully delivered a technical solution to bring this vision to life. Since then, PrePay Solutions has consistently been at the leading edge of the prepaid mobile market, which was illustrated by the launch in 2011, together with EE, of the UK’s first major contactless prepaid card: The Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard®.

Just two years later, PrePay Solutions supported the launch of the Orange Cash mobile app, available on both Androids and iOS.  Using this app, cardholders were able to check their balance and transaction history, load funds using a debit/credit card, redeem their Orange Cash points for Orange minutes and texts, and set up balance notifications – all directly from their mobile device. Like many mobile operators, EE has been moving into financial services via mobile payments.  As such, PrePay Solutions was selected, along with other key members of the value chain, to deliver the end to end solution for EE Cash on Tap in partnership with EE and MasterCard®, marking one of the first NFC payment solutions in prepaid and the entire UK payments industry.

One of PrePay Solutions’ core values is to develop innovative solutions for our clients that will enhance the cardholder’s experience.  To this end, we have recently developed a QR code solution, which gives cardholders the ability to simply scan the QR Code printed on the back of the card in order to obtain a real-time balance on their smartphone.

E Commerce

The internet is a key destination for prepaid cards and PrePay Solutions was there at the earliest stages with Splash Plastic, followed by successful prepaid programme launches for leading partners. Programmes like these typically feature general purpose reloadable prepaid cards that are used for alternative banking, but can also include prepaid card schemes for affiliation purposes.

E Commerce global leaders have begun to use prepaid cards as an easy way to gain a physical presence. One such company approached PrePay Solutions to develop a unique solution for its account holders. The customer experience had to capture the ‘look and feel’ of our client’s brand, and the solution needed to provide instant access to customer balances for ATM and retail transactions.  PrePay Solutions was able to deliver a ground breaking solution in less than six months.