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Many companies would like to have a safe, efficient way to provide advances or reimburse employees for work related expenses. However, a lot of these companies may be too small to qualify for company credit cards, or may prefer not to issue them to all employees.

Businesses can now replace complicated reimbursement schemes with a prepaid electronic solution that makes the expense payments process simple. Our prepaid expense cards simplify advances and reimbursements for employers and employees alike by providing a streamlined, convenient method of electronic payment.


  • Eliminate the delay and inconvenience of reimbursement by cheque
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for lengthy expense claim forms
  • Gather useful information about employee expenses and track it easily over time
  • Enjoy greater security than expense vouchers, since cards must be activated before use
  • Issue cards immediately and use them anywhere worldwide that MasterCard®, Maestro or Cirrus cards are accepted


  • Built on PrePay Solutions’ core application and authorisation platform
  • Batch loading makes it quick and easy to add funds to the cards
  • Cards can be scheme based (accepted on Mastercard®, Maestro and Cirrus networks)
  • Cards can be client branded
  • A built in expiry date makes the cards easy to manage
  • A simple multi currency, multi lingual solution
  • Ability to capture cardholder information and create user accounts online
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management