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Because of the many benefits they offer, reloadable prepaid cards are increasingly being used for everyday spending. Our cards offer a quick and easy solution that allows cardholders to shop online or on the high street, pay bills or top up their mobile phone – even if they don’t have a bank account or want an alternative to traditional banking.

Our prepaid cards offer functionality that is very similar to a debit card, yet they make it easier for consumers to manage their money in a safe and secure way – especially compared to carrying cash.


  • A perfect solution for individuals that do not have credit or debit cards or want an alternative to traditional banking
  • Added security of knowing that credit/debit card details won’t need to be exposed on the internet
  • A powerful budgeting tool, since individuals can monitor and control their spending easily
  • Protect your personal data by making purchases anonymously, both in store and online


  • Built on PrePay Solutions’ core application and authorisation platform
  • Cards can be scheme based (accepted on Mastercard®, Maestro and Cirrus networks)
  • Cards can be client branded
  • Easy to reload via various mediums
  • Expiry dates can be flexible
  • Can either be issued instantly or with secondary activation
  • Full cardholder self servicing is available online or via an app
  • A simple multi currency, multi lingual solution
  • Cards can be displayed on any medium, such as a plastic card, a digital gift card or via a mobile app
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management