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In uncertain economic times, gift cards can be a powerful tool for building customer loyalty and enhancing partner relationships. With our innovative gifting products, PrePay Solutions can help you to engage with your customers more effectively, resulting in multiple opportunities to boost revenue, build loyalty, drive promotions and raise brand awareness.



  • Boost sales and profits by offering gift cards in areas with limited shelf space. Gift cards can often represent the best selling SKU for retailers, and consumers typically spend more than the prepaid value on the card
  • Capture valuable data on customer spending patterns and other demographics
  • Provide an alternative to refunding cash when customers are making returns
  • Reduced costs by eliminating the manual processes and extra administration that are needed for paper based schemes
  • Increase security by offering gift cards that can be easily blocked if lost or stolen
  • Compensate unhappy customers quickly and easily for any delays or other inconveniences
  • Expand brand awareness by encouraging your customers to give the gift cards to their colleagues, friends and families


  • Built on PrePay Solutions’ core application and authorisation platform
  • Cards can either be built on a retailer’s private payment network or be scheme based (i.e. use the Mastercard® network)
  • Gift cards can be branded according to the retailer’s requirements and displayed in store
  • Disposable or re loadable retail gift cards can be used by consumers in a single location or in multiple locations
  • A built in expiry date makes the card easy to manage
  • Optional card activation for cardholders via telephone interactive voice response, online or at the point of sale
  • Ability to capture cardholder information and create a user account online
  • Gift cards can be displayed on any medium, such as a plastic card, a digital gift card or via a mobile app
  • Multi channel distribution options include in store, online, via an app or via gift card malls in thousands of locations globally
  • A simple multi currency, multi lingual solution
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management