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Leading organisations have discovered that rewarding loyalty is a powerful way of retaining customers. Dedicated loyalty programmes enable modern businesses to recruit, retain and build profitable relationship with their customers by acknowledging their value to the organisation.


  • Boost sales and profits by increasing footfall and encouraging consumer spending
  • Strengthen the brand by building long lasting relationships with customers
  • Capture valuable data on customer spending patterns and other demographics
  • Reduced costs by eliminating the manual processes and administration that are needed for paper based schemes
  • Increase security by offering gift cards that can be easily blocked if lost or stolen
  • Promotions can be used to encourage certain purchases or store visits by offering bonus rewards


  • Built on PrePay Solutions’ core application and authorisation platform
  • Cards can either be built on a retailer’s private payment network or be scheme based (i.e. use the MasterCard® network)
  • Can be used to reward consumers in different ways (i.e. with points or actual currency)
  • Flexible expiry date
  • Can either be issued instantly or with secondary activation
  • Full cardholder self servicing is available online or via an app
  • A simple multi wallet, multi currency, multi lingual solution
  • Cards can be displayed on any medium, such as a plastic card, a digital gift card or via a mobile app
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management so that businesses can track customer activity and manage CRM communications