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Prepaid travel money cards are a secure, convenient way to take your travel money abroad and a much better alternative than travellers’ cheques, foreign currency and other payment options including a debit or credit card.  For retailers, prepaid travel cards enable low cost entry into a high value market, while driving a significant revenue stream.


  • Safer than carrying cash, as funds are not lost if someone’s card or wallet is lost or stolen
  • More secure than giving a debit or credit card to an unfamiliar merchant based overseas
  • Peace of mind of knowing you can’t spend more than is loaded onto the card
  • Certainty over the exchange rate you receive, rather than receiving a different rate each day


  • Built on PrePay Solutions’ core application and authorisation platform
  • Cards can be scheme based (accepted on Mastercard®, Maestro and Cirrus networks)
  • Can be client branded
  • Easily reloadable via various mediums
  • Flexible expiry date
  • Can either be issued instantly or with secondary activation
  • Full cardholder self servicing is available online or via an app
  • A simple multi currency, multi lingual solution
  • Ability to capture cardholder information and create user accounts online
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management