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Virtual Card Numbers

A Virtual Card Number (VCN) is a 16-digit card number (PAN), expiry date and security code (CVC2) that can be used for a cardholder-not-present transaction. The VCN is prepaid with a load amount in a chosen currency, locking the exchange rate at the point of issue. They are digitally distributed and can be single use or reloadable.
A VCN can provide a simple and secure payment mechanism in a variety of situations from B2B supplier payments to eGifting and eCommerce.


  • Security – Limited load = limited spend. Chargeback protection from supplier defaults
  • Control – A wide variety of spend controls can be applied so the card can only be used for its intended purpose
  • Flexibility – Can be one time use or multiple use depending on requirements
  • Speed – With no plastic there are no delays. VCNs are digitally distributed and issued instantly
  • FX transparency – Set the FX rate and reduce expose to currency fluctuations
  • Increased revenue – Interchange rebates for every transaction
  • Reduce costs – Reduction in accounts payable resources
  • Better and Faster Reconciliation – Easily track from booking to payment with a unique number for every transaction. Transaction information is available immediately


  • Virtual card with PAN, Expiry and CVC2
  • MasterCard VCN with global acceptance at 36M locations worldwide
  • Each card is linked to an Account where you specify value loaded, currency and spend rules
  • Load and reload in any currency. Variety of load options – debit/credit card, cash load network, bank transfers, prepaid corporate account, ACH settlement
  • Load can be managed on account opening or at any point before the VCN expiry
  • Set spend controls for each VCN (merchant where VCN can be used, date/time it can be used, what the VCN can be used to purchase)
  • Process Automation using API integration and automated reports