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My Account

My Account is an online portal/mobile app hosted by PrePay Solutions. Cardholders simply need to register their cards on My Account in order to get instant access to their card information in real time.

Each cardholder has an associated account where his or her card balance is held.  The account can be topped up using My Account and the funds will then be available to spend using the card.

Cardholders can register their details, check their balances and review all their transactions online or via the My Account app on their mobile device.  Personalised notifications can also be set up very easily. For example, cardholders can choose to set up a notification to warn them if the funds on a card are running low.  For added security, cards that are reported as lost, stolen or damaged can be instantly blocked to prevent fraudulent usage.

My Account can also help to reduce operational costs for businesses significantly, since cardholders typically use these self service functions to manage their accounts themselves.

Download the My Account brochure.


My Business Account

Our end to end solution for corporate programmes, combined with our My Business Account (MBA) web portal, provides programme managers with instant access to a unique gateway that allows them to manage all of the company’s prepaid card activity in one place.  MBA is therefore the ultimate tool for small to medium (SME) enterprises that are looking to organise, analyse, monitor and control their business expenses easily.

The creation of a corporate Master Account enables the company to segregate funds between the business and its approved cardholders, and to fund cardholder accounts in seconds. The MBA portal also makes it easy to manage the Master Account and all other cardholders’ accounts online, in real time, including reviewing transactions history and exporting data.

Download the My Business Account brochure


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