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PrePay Solutions provides real time Know Your Customer (KYC) services as part of its comprehensive programme management. We also work with third parties to provide KYC, and can leverage, where applicable, a client’s/partner’s established KYC/Know Your Business (KYB) processes if these are already being conducted as part of the client’s/partner’s application process.

PrePay Solutions also provides UK and European in store and online issuance as part of our application service.


PrePay solutions provides the following loading channels:

  • Credit/debit card
  • In store/online using direct integration
  • Corporate and batch loading

Cash load

PrePay Solutions is seamlessly connected to most of the leading international providers of cash top up networks, including PayPoint, which has over 25,600 locations in the UK  and the Post Office, which has 11,800 locations in the UK.

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