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Call Centre

Working with its partners, PrePay Solutions provides multi channel customer service support to its clients for all general cardholder queries, as well as card blocking, card cancellation, PIN reset, logging lost/stolen/damaged cards, providing card balances, transaction queries/disputes and fraud management.  PrePay Solutions works very closely with its clients in order to ensure that the branding of all of these services reflects their specific objectives and values.

Alternatively, if a client would prefer to manage its customer services directly, we can also provide appropriate train the trainer training and on going support.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated telephone service that allows cardholders to self manage many different aspects of their card account, including activation, balance enquiries and to report lost and stolen cards. IVR can also be used to direct callers to a live customer service agent in order to assist with general customer service queries. As with all of our solutions, our IVR system can be branded by individual programme, according to our client’s needs.

We can also provide clients with IVR phone numbers that include customised ‘menu managers’ that are linked to our own back office systems. This way, callers can be automatically routed to the relevant PrePay Solutions’ function, such as a balance enquiry or to request a telephone number for instant live customer service, when prompted.


Together with our partners, we give our customers the ability to use SMS (text messaging) in two important ways:

  • Incoming SMS

An SMS ‘voucher request’ enables potential cardholders to pay for a card application using their mobile phone.         Callers simply need to text a keyword (e.g. “Apply”) to a short code, and then an SMS is sent back to the cardholder (reverse charged to their mobile phone bill) with a voucher code that they can use in the online card application process.

Callers can also use SMS to request their account balance by texting the word “BALANCE” along with their account number to a short code. Once this has been done, an SMS is sent back to the cardholder containing the account balance. To use this service, the caller’s mobile phone number must be registered against his or her card account.

  • Outgoing SMS (and/or email)

Outgoing SMS are typically triggered by system events, such as balance changing alerts or to communicate regulatory information changes. An email or SMS can only be sent if the relevant information is registered against the user’s account, and it is the cardholder’s responsibility to keep this information up to date.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

PrePay Solutions has developed a QR code for cardholders to check their balance easily.   

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