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PrePay Solutions has one of the most complete and innovative prepaid platforms available in Europe today.  We have an in house, multi lingual, multi currency processing platform that is entirely dedicated to the prepaid market. We regularly process millions of transactions for open loop¹, closed loop² and restricted access network (RAN) (also known as private label/filtered loop) programmes.

Our leading edge processing platform is designed to support many different transactions, from card generation through to expiry. We also offer full clearing and settlement services.

In addition to traditional closed and open loop cards, the PrePay Solutions platform supports a vast array of loyalty, virtual cards and multi currency wallets, including non financial wallets for loyalty points and other non financial instruments.

PrePay Solutions brings to its clients:

  • Platform flexibility: our transaction processing platform is capable of handling all transaction types, including both full and partial redemption; it supports Mastercard®, ISO, APACS, XML web messaging and proprietary messaging formats where needed
  • Consistency for retailers: merchants can treat Mastercard® transactions in the same way as all other transactions
  • Built to banking standards: PrePay Solutions is PCI level 1 DSS compliant and certified by Mastercard®
  • Compatibility with existing systems: we can work with proprietary formats and translate them into the appropriate messages within our platform
  • Service Availability: our platform operates 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure peace of mind for our customers and their cardholders
  • Resilience: our primary and backup systems run simultaneously in order to ensure full redundancy of all data. This way, all of our data is mirrored across duplicate sites in real time, so that all systems contain identical information
  • Global reach: all of our solutions are multi currency and multi lingual

In addition to these transaction processing services, PrePay Solutions is able to offer its clients an end to end service all under one roof. For more information about what we can offer and who we are, please visit our About Us section.


¹Open Loop: a card programme that is associated with an electronic payment network, such as Mastercard®, and honoured wherever this network is accepted. 

²Closed Loop: a card programme that is merchant specific and used for transactions exclusively at a particular merchant’s locations.

Direct Integration

In order to provide superior transaction processing alongside other value added services, PrePay Solutions has integrated its processing platform with many clients and partners.

To this end, we have developed a suite of APIs (application programming interfaces) to help clients’ systems communicate and interact with all of PrePay Solutions’ core systems seamlessly.

These APIs include:

  • Web services
  • Web authorisation
  • Batch file interface

Download the Interfaces brochure.


PrePay Solutions is a Mastercard® magnetic stripe, EMV and PayPass certified processor.  Many of our programmes use the Mastercard® network for redemption.  Mastercard® is accepted around the world at retail outlets and ATM machines, wherever the Mastercard® (or Maestro/Cirrus) sign is displayed. Mastercard® is currently accepted in more than 24.6m locations in more than 210 countries worldwide.

For Mastercard®/Maestro badged and Mastercard® RAN products where the Mastercard®/Maestro badge is removed, we can offer Magstripe, EMV (Chip) or PayPass solutions for processing.


Developed by Mastercard®, PayPass™ enables cardholders to make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of a Mastercard® or Maestro® card on a contactless enabled device. In the UK, the contactless transaction is authorised for payment up to £25. For payments higher than this amount, the cardholder will be required to swipe or ‘dip’ the card and authorise the transaction by entering his or her PIN number.

PrePay Solutions currently offers several contactless cards.


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that allows a mobile phone to securely transmit and receive information wirelessly. NFC works in much the same way as a contactless card, but uses a mobile device rather than a card. NFC-enabled mobile phones can be used to pay for everyday purchases by tapping the phone on a contactless device at any Point of Sale (PoS) offering this payment option.

The payment limitations of NFC are similar to those of contactless cards: for purchases up to £25, the payment can be made using the phone’s NFC functionality. For higher amounts, however, a PIN code will need to be entered onto the phone in order to authorise the transaction.

PrePay Solutions currently offers a number of NFC-enabled programmes.

Custom Protocol

The PrePay Solutions processing platform is extremely flexible and can work with a client’s preferred custom protocol, if desired. Tailor made protocols like these can often facilitate integration, interfaces, messaging, and agreed roles and responsibilities – or can simply be used to cater to a client’s preferred way of working.

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