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Call Centre Working with its partners, PrePay Solutions provides multi channel customer service support to its clients for all general cardholder queries, as well as card blocking, card cancellation, PIN reset, logging lost/stolen/damaged cards, providing card balances, transaction queries/disputes and fraud management.  PrePay Solutions works very closely with its clients in order to ensure that […]

Account Servicing

My Account My Account is an online portal/mobile app hosted by PrePay Solutions. Cardholders simply need to register their cards on My Account in order to get instant access to their card information in real time. Each cardholder has an associated account where his or her card balance is held.  The account can be topped […]

Cardholder Services

PrePay Solutions provides a full suite of self service options for all types of programmes, so that cardholders can always manage their own accounts easily. All of these services have been created by PrePay Solutions and are managed and hosted in house. Back to Services