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PrePay Solutions takes information security extremely seriously; it is ingrained into the company’s culture, as evidenced by our dedicated and highly skilled security staff. Information security is not only operated as a business as usual activity, but is actively championed by all employees. The importance of this area is fully supported by the management team […]

Risk Management

Our dedicated security team ensures that risk is managed effectively and in accordance with our business objectives. Furthermore, we are committed to creating, maintaining and testing robust business continuity strategies that will reduce the impact of any unforeseen events and safeguard our reputation in the event of a crisis. PrePay Solutions continually educates its employees […]


The major global payment brands require that every entity – including financial institutions, merchants and service providers – that stores, processes, or transmits payment card data, in any channel (including catalogue and online retailers, as well as brick-and-mortar businesses) must be in compliance with PCI-DSS. As a principal Mastercard® member, PrePay solutions is required to […]