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CSR – Giving back

PrePay Solutions believes strongly in giving back, and we have an active CSR policy.

Charity of the Year
Each year PrePay Solutions staff nominate and then vote for a charity close to their hearts. This charity then becomes the focus for fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

Local initiatives budget
Further to charity of the year, PrePay Solutions has a set budget each year, for which colleagues can ‘bid’. Bids have a maximum amount, and support local initiatives that need help with specific elements of their running: i.e: kit for their kids’ football clubs, equipment for the local Scouts Troop, or rent for a venue. Again, each bid is put to staff vote.

Swindon Town FC
As our home club, we regularly sponsor matches at Swindon Town FC, and in previous years we have also sponsored their Senior Citizen Christmas Lunch.